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There are two schools of thought where walk-in appointments for Barbershops are concerned.

There’s a plus side, but also negatives.   Have you ever tried to weigh them up?

Things to consider:

  1. A walk-in has the choice of when to arrive at your barbershop.
  2. A walk-in can self-assess if the queue is too long and walk-out and go somewhere else.
  3. A walk-in doesn’t necessarily become a regular customer/client because they can pick and choose their haircut location and time to suit where they are (for example – they find they’re having a slow work day, or they have an RDO with time to spare, or they might be on holidays in the area for a couple of days).   You might give the most amazing service and cuts, but these walk-in types might be serial offenders.
  4. A walk-in may come in, you accept their custom, sit them down, believe it’s a simple service, so you slip them in between booked appointments, and the walk-in then extends on their services.  This can leave your appointment bookers being attended-to late, and especially if they have booked an appointment with a specific person/barber.   Upsetting your proven regulars could mean they’ll not return.
  5. Walk-ins may not really care about the cost of their service.   It’s all about convenience and a free block of time.   Or they have a special outing that day and need to look good for it.
  6. What about when a walk-in can’t be fitted-in?  They usually come to your shop.  But if you’re too busy, they might shake their allegiance to you and start going elsewhere in future.  Walk-ins can be fickle.
  7. Walk-ins add opportunities to your business that come out-of-the blue – especially if you don’t have a full day of appointments booked.
  8. A walk-in might visit, love you to bits, and keep coming back, because you’re great at what you do, and you allow them the freedom to choose when to come and see you.
  9. With a walk-in, if you’re super-busy with actual appointments, you might only have time for an express type of service, rather than being able to pamper them with your charm, offer product sales advice, and give them the full treatment that you’d prefer to be able to give – optimising your profits at the same time.
  10. Walk-ins might come in in a flurry at lunchtimes or straight after school ends – can you service their needs at peak times?
  11. If a walk-in comes through your front door, they need to know that you care about serving them, and in today’s tech-savvy world, and when your staff is flat-out, have you got it covered???


Being able to walk-into a barbershop is pretty much an expected and given option (especially to men)– but…

Ask yourself how many walk-ins actually convert to being loyal clients?

How can you try and convert walk-ins to regular customers? 

And the answer is…..

Find better solutions like BarbersQ. 

Open the door to give them great service, with the freedom to nick out and go shopping or to lunch whilst they wait for their turn.

Walk-ins are a great way to build a start-up barbershop business.   It helps to expand on your clientele.   Think about establishing a brilliant system like BarbersQ from the very beginning. 

Be accessible, but be different to what other barbershops are doing, or not doing well – and that includes allowing them to use the BarbersQ app from the outset.  They’ll soon get used to it and love the flexibility that lets them wander off in busy periods and return on cue (so to speak).


BarbersQ POS App -Manage Your Barbershop & Salon Queue With A Simple Front-of-House Tablet System

Help your barbering business grow by efficiently tracking your walk-ins, registering their names & their required services with a simple android, tablet-based queuing app.

And there’s even more pluses with BarbersQ

With BarbersQ you can also:

  1. Run your Roster
  2. Manage your Cash Flow
  3. Calculate your Busiest Hour
  4. Know Who’s your Most Popular Barber &
  5. Track your Most Profitable Services with ease.

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