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Retail Management of a Barbershop… Give your clients a queuing system app, control your stock, track your most profitable products, and work out your commissions for staff.  It’s all possible with the BarbersQ Barber Retail POS Management App.

The popularity of Barbershops in Australia and around the world is growing.  We know Barbers have been around for centuries and the tradition of grooming and styling men’s hair is certainly not a new concept.  Barbershops have always been a place for men to walk in the door, chat and feel comfortable, and have their facial hair trimmed and tidied, their necks shaved, their eyebrows sorted, and any other follicles from the neck-up gotten back under control.

Whilst women have openly used hairdressing services regularly, men often have a tendency to want a space that’s less out in the open.   Hence, barbershops have tended to be located in smaller alleys and laneways, so they can escape to the chair in privacy, and have someone else take care of their hair.   Barbershops in Melbourne’s CBD are everywhere –  just not usually on the main streets.

But, all of that is changing because the Barbers of Australia are back!   And now our burgeoning Barber industry is becoming more competitive, so business owners are trying to find more ways to get bums on seats, attract return customers, and become the go-to Barbershop when local men’s goldi-locks (or brown or black locks) need a chop, shape or trim.   Hey, even a bald man needs hair of some sort sorted.

Cutting and styling men’s hair is an artform.   Barbers are skilled at being focused and friendly.  They know men like the social ‘guy space’ to hang out in occasionally, and the barbers are specifically trained professionals who make them look and feel good about themselves.

The history of barbering brings to mind the red and white poles, the barbershop chairs that go up and down and spin from front to back.   There’s the little hand mirrors that are used to show your backside (your head that is) and sideburns, and the big fat brushes that sweep away the offcuts from your collar and under your chin. 

Customer service, though, is the overriding factor that draws these men to a barbershop.   The art of the male haircut can be vastly different to cutting and styling a female’s hair.  The services vary too.  Traditionally, men’s cuts are simpler in styling – although not necessarily simpler when it comes to hairdressing skill.  It’s just different.  And the barbershop has a vibe of its own.   It’s an atmosphere that men keep coming back to, time and time again, and now that barbering is once again trending, the acquisition of the old short back and sides can still be found ‘just around the corner’.

So how do you become the go-to Barbershop in your area, when the service you’re providing is steeped in tradition – cut throat razors and all?

The answer is yes –keep the foot-pump chairs, give old-fashioned and personalised customer service, and showcase the red and white poles – BUT up the anti on technology and use a Barbershop Retail Management System App from BarbersQ!


BarbersQ lets you:

  • Provide walk-ins with a book in service app, so that they can go off and have lunch or shop for a short time, knowing that the barbershop will notify them on their mobile phone when their turn in the queue is coming around.
  • Track what service the clients find the most popular, which staff member is the most sought-after, along with automatically recording your highest demand products, and what times of every day are the faves.
  • Use the BarbersQ statistics and data to better schedule your staff for busy periods, work out your daily retail turnover (and by timeslot), and use it to record retail growth of your Barbershop when you need a bank loan to boost your business’s size and offerings.
  • Control your stock, and understand more about how much of your barbershop business is actually profitable, and what aspects need some serious attention.

Have we got your attention?

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It’s cost-effective, easy to use, available for one or a chain of retail outlets, and you can do away with having to run back and forth to the counter as a pseudo Receptionist all day long to check-in new customers – without having to excuse yourself mid-hair cut to meet and greet a walk-in.

Yep – it’s simple, developed in Australia, by a leading Aussie Barber, and it’s a Retail Barber’s answer to Barbershop Management Improvement  101.

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BarbersQ is the modern day answer to growing your Hairdressing or Barbering business in Australia using App Technology that’s specific to the Hairdressing Industry.

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